Ignore NDC’s false claims of conspiracy to use PDS to loot state-Gov’t

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has rubbished claims by opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that there was a conspiracy by government with others to take over asset of the state through the Power Distribution Services (PDS) deal.

The Minority in Parliament after the suspension of the PDS deal accused government officials of trying to use the concession agreement with Ghana to loot the country’s coffers.

At a press conference addressed by former Deputy Power Minister, John Jinapor, the Minority claimed: “the Ministries of Finance and Energy knew all this while that the Guarantee was fake but decided not to act on the anomaly for reasons best known to them and only them.”

“We hold President Akufo-Addo squarely responsible and liable for this embarrassing spectacle. Government and officialdom are neck deep in this failed Create, Loot and Share plot.”

Fellow Ghanaians, the so-called suspension of the concession is only a smoke screen to cover up Government’s complicity in this whole scandal of gargantuan proportion.”

But addressing the media in Kumasi today [Friday], the Minister said “the claim particularly by some our political opponents that this was an attempt to conspire and take a national asset which has gone bad, there is no logic in that argument because if indeed persons within the administration as some have sought to just throw mud at them wanted to conspire to take a public asset, why would we the very ones come out to say we have noticed something, well, we are suspending it, We are doing a full scale international inquiry?

“That argument lacks logic and it is just one of those political things that people throw out there to try and create disaffection for an administration that is rather doing the right thing in the interest of the Republic of Ghana”.

A full-scale inquiry investigation has commenced and is expected to be completed within 30 days.

This comes at the back of Government’s decision to suspend its five years deal with PDS. It is emerging that issues relating to fraud has been discovered on the part of PDS forcing government to send a delegation to Doha, Qatar for further probe.

MiDA’s response

Meanwhile, the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) has admonished the public to be circumspect in their discussions on the deal.

A statement issued by MiDA stated that the current development was an unfortunate setback to the progress of the concession and assured the public that it welcomed investigations into the matter.

“MiDA hereby clarifies that each step of the ECG PSP transaction process, prior to the handover of ECG’s distribution business and assets to PDS, was subjected to careful scrutiny and various stakeholder approvals.

“These involved several documents submitted as requirements for the transaction process. In line with best practice in international business transactions, all documents submitted as part of the transaction were accepted on the basis of good faith and the presumption in law as to their validity,” the statement said.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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