‘I don’t get paid from the big shows I’ve been on but’…Krymi

Highly Spiritual Music signee, Krymi has revealed on Highlife Paradise that despite playing on major shows in the country, he has not benefited from them financially.

In an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the ‘Dede’ hitmaker said he has performed on big shows such ads ‘Ghana Meets Nigeria, MTN Music Festival among others show but was told those events were done on a promotional basis.

‘’I have played a lot big shows and feel honoured but to say if I got money from these shows than I would be lying. I don’t know whatever agreement went into these shows. I am very honest and so I always want to speak the truth. I don’t ask because I trust the person I signed with. Initially what I heard was that these shows are promotional but I don’t know any details, I don’t if it is the truth or something else. What I know is that Kaywa explained everything on his side to us. He was opened to me and told me he will always give me this when we have this,’’ he added.

According to him, the only show he had received money from was the launch of Ghana’s Most Beautiful by Tv3.

To him, people feel he ‘’is a rich guy’’ but all was not rosy for him.

Krymi said Kaywa trust people and felt they were taking him for a ride, hence the need for him to be a bit hard so he is not for a ride.

The musician underscored the need for his boss to very hard and put some value on the opportunities that get to him so people will not take him for a ride.

Kaywa he indicated was putting in a lot of resources into Highly Spiritual Music hence the need for him to put in measures to make profits.

‘’Kaywa is pushing a lot; he is spending a lot. And so we should put a value on the work and make it grow. I have told Kaywa I want to win him a Grammy award,’’ he said.

His signing by Kaywa, the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music he said was an arrangement of God and could bodily say he has enjoyed working with Kaywa because he understands him as an artiste.

Krymi said he is an artiste that does not ask questions because he trusts his management but was quick to add that ‘’I feel this is a weakness I have. I don’t like asking questions but I feel it is not the best.’’

He encouraged Kaywa to be positive and be hopeful the tough times will surely be over.

‘’I know that he is going through a lot but he doesn’t want to show it. People are talking and saying stuff but I want to encourage him that those who have resolved to stay want to stay based on our own decision and not based on what people will say,’’ he said.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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