We must restructure the colonial structured economy-Nana Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has reiterated the need for the country to work towards changing the structure of the economy designed by our colonial masters.

The president made the call when he addressed a gathering at the first commemoration of August 4, as Founders’ Day.

The president in his address said as a mark of reverence to our forebears, President Akufo-Addo stated that “we must work to free ourselves from the economic arrangements designed by the former colonial power to serve its particular purpose at the time, the which continue e to bind us. We must make concerted efforts to break away from the neo-colonial structure of the raw material producing and exporting economy, which has, largely, been our lot.”

As President of the Republic, the President reiterated his commitment to make his leadership of Ghana the period that witnessed the laying of the foundation for the transformation of the economy from an exporter of raw materials and retailer of cheap imported goods to a modern, value-adding, industrialised one.

“In two and a half years of being in office, we have made modest gains in every aspect of the Ghanaian economy, and our goal remains the same – to enhance the dignity of the Ghanaian, and lift up the standard of living of each and every citizen,” he added.

His Government, President Akufo-Addo noted, is committed to affording all Ghanaians the opportunity and the chance to live a rounded, dignified life, as part of a society in which choice, talent and hard work flourish.

“We will continue to work assiduously to provide each Ghanaian with a decent education, a decent healthcare system, a decent job, a decent home, an adequate safety net for the vulnerable an, marginalised, and a decent retirement, and to live in an atmosphere of freedom, security, law and order,” he said.

The President continued, “That is what the Founders of our nation envisioned for us as our goal. Let us all put our shoulders to the wheel, and drive our nation to its destination, a united, developed, prosperous, free, democratic and independent Ghanaian nation.”

He was of the view that the most appropriate day to signify Ghana’s recognition and appreciation of the collective efforts of her forebears towards the founding of a free, independent Ghana.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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