Osei Palmer rallies support to Reform Ghana Football as GFA Prez

Aspiring presidential candidate in the upcoming Ghana Football Association’s presidential race, Wilfred Osei Palmer has launched his policy document.

Dubbed ‘Reforming Ghana Football’, the aspirant assured stakeholders of his resolve to reform Ghana football hinged on transparency, integrity, accountability, financial discipline and hope for a brighter future.

According to Wilfred Osei Palmer, he is coming in ”with hope to all actors in the game by affording every key actor in the game the belief that no matter the tier in the sport that they might find themselves, they have a unique role to contribute, improve their lot, be competitive in a fair environment and achieve anything purposeful they set their minds to”.

”We are all together in this struggle to give life and dignity to Ghana Football. It’s time to rally around those who stood with us in our darkest hour,” he said.

He has further promised to rebuild to reproduce a respected leadership that shall include everyone.

His administration shall be based on 25 primary key performance indicators and they would be as follows:

1. To develop and reconstruct the organogram of GFA with versatility in structure, systems, procedures and the human resource base that would imbibe the tenets of corporate governance to nurture GFA into a globally competitive brand.

2. To deepen the decentralization processes with the expected level of connectivity and linkages to turnaround the RFAs and DFAs into functional points to facilitate the development of football at the grassroots.

3. To build the respective national teams into formidable brands that are commercially viable to create the financial independence needed for the GFA to wean itself from governmental support and to participate fully and eventually rationalize resources into other sector of sports to ensure total growth. Internationally recognized competitions sanctioned by FIFA, CAF and WAFU.

4. To establish a refereeing department that would jointly work with referees Committee to instil credibility and integrity into the development of the game of football to reduce the level of corruption through early warning signals.

5. To sanitize the judicial and adjudicating procedures at the GFA to merit fairness and equity in decisions and arbitration processes.

6. To review the structure, management and funding of domestic competitions into commercially viable projects to bring excitement and delight into the respective competitions to which the GFA holds the franchise.

7. To develop and establish modern infrastructure at competition centers to improve the standard of football across all geographical areas of the country.

8. To develop a pragmatic youth development pathways capable of unearthing undervalued talents from the district levels to the regional and national levels to render these footballers globally competitive.

9. To achieve incident-free matches at venues through safety and security measures comprehensively tailor-measured to revolve around precautionary measures rather than reactive.

10. Financial innovations that are creative enough to provide the income stream needed to smoothen the operations of GFA to make it financially independent.

11. To appeal to Government for tax rebate for potential sponsors of the GFA. 12. To appeal to Government to reduce the 17.5% Tax deduction on gate proceeds.

13. Strengthen the GFA’s Public Relations/Communications practice for effective engagement with stakeholders including sponsors, the media and the general public

14. To establish a regulatory framework with the potency of developing content that adheres to global standards particularly in references to FIFA, CAF and WAFU regulations devoid of ambiguities and conflicts with existing laws.

15. To establish the President’s Office to act as a tipping point and bring to bear innovations and business strategies capable of changing the face of Ghana football and turn it into a corporate brand. The game must gradually have imbibed modern trends of hospitality and Business Development aspect to create social products that are interactive and iterative.

16. To reconstruct the political organogram of the GFA to ensure that absolute executive and political powers do not rest with the presidency in functioning capacity and political capacity, to act as checks and balances in the system.

17. Establish Reforms Implementation Department with oversight responsibilities of monitoring and evaluation of this blueprint to ensure that milestones set are met and comparative analysis are made to initiate corrective measures at determined intervals.

18. Regular gathering and monitoring of stakeholders’ feedback.

19. Stakeholder complaints procedure to be introduced to collate comments to elicit views from diverse perspectives.

20. Capacity building through seminars and, workshops for all executives and employees to upgrade the level of progression through training and development.

21. Regular audit of our internal processes to ensure compliance of the policy directions of GFA

22. Measurable quality objectives which are achievable within the planning horizon.

23. Consistent management reviews of audit results, stakeholders’ feedback and complaints

24. A uniformed national system for growth and development for players into the national team.

25. An objective and transparent method of selection of players into the national teams. 26. The establishment of a national football culture.

About the Aspirant

Wilfred graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (First Class) Summa Cum Laude and a Diploma in Education from the same University. He proceeded to the University of Ghana Business School where he obtained a Master of Business Administration (Finance option).

Wilfred Kwaku Osei is an investment banker with a global outlook on the origination, processing and execution of trade, corporate and structured finance deals. Wilfred, together with other consultants and associates, managed a loan portfolio of about US$90 Million on behalf of UPS Credit whiles with Capital Alliance in 2000 after a professional stint with NDK Financial Services between 1998 and 2000.
. He was seconded to the Lagos office to develop business concepts to originate, process and execute deals on behalf of UPS Credit in a joint venture arrangement with SECTRUST-Nigeria. In 2002, Wilfred Kwaku Osei found- ed and managed Firstcall Financial Advisory Group to engage in Investment Advisory, Corporate Finance, Structured Finance and Business Development. He is currently the Executive Board Chairman of Wilfred @ Finance that acquired the assets and liabilities of First- call Financial Advisory Group in 2016. Wilfred has origi- nated, processed and executed structured finance deals valued in excess of $75 million in Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Cote D’Ivoire.

From 1993-1996, Wilfred taught on a part-time basis at St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast. He handled cours- es in Business Management and Accountancy at both the GCE Advanced and SSCE levels. Wilfred guided the soccer team of St. Augustine’s College as a coach on three (3) consecutive appearances at the National Milo Schools and Colleges Championship, as well as the maiden Milo Championship. The legendary Michael Essien, Mathew Amoah and Anthony Obodai all of Black Stars fame were products of his team. From 2000 to 2002, he lectured on a part-time basis at the Central University College in courses on Management Accounting, Investment Fundamentals, Quantitative Techniques, Financial Reporting Strategy, Computer Applications in Finance and Production Management from 2000 to 2002.

In May 2005, Wilfred founded Tema Youth Football Club, a league side based in Tema that has carved a niche for Youth Development. Wilfred was a member of the Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Associ- ation from 2011 till its dissolution in 2018. He and served in various capacities as the Chairman and the Vice of the Management Committee for the senior national team, the Black Stars from 2015 to 2018, Chairman of the Finance Committee of GFA from 2012 to 2018. From 2012 to 2014, he served as the Vice-Chairman of the Management Committee of the for the Black Starlets, Ghana National U-17 team, the Black Starlets and also served as the Chairman of the successful National Under-20 Men’s team that won Bronze in the African Youth Championship and also qualified the team for the FIFA World Youth Championship in New Zealand in, 2015.

Wilfred is an ardent and firm believer in the rules of equity, fairness and justice. In 2016 he demonstrated this belief through the celebrated case of Tema Youth Sporting Club Limited vv Ghana Football Association at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). This case expanded the frontiers of legal advocacy and rights of Clubs and brought judicial sanity to the administration of justice at the GFA. In 2018, Wilfred demonstrated situational leadership in the aftermath of the AnasExposèe when he vehemently stood against the disso- lution of the Ghana Football Association but accepted the need for the reformation processes at the Football Association. These salient qualities demonstrated by Wilfred have endeared him to the rank and file that regard him as the obvious choice for the position of President of the Ghana Football Association. As a football philanthropist, Wilfred has sponsored a lot of football competitions, events and activities.

As I vouch for my candidacy for the position of the GFA President in this challenging football environment, my strongest desire is to team up with other professionals within the football industry to implement develop- ment-oriented reform. A comprehensive approach to reform and deepen the decentralization process to instil credibility, integrity, accountability, diversity and transparency into the body politics of football capable of enhancing the image of Ghana football domestically and globally. A modest strategy to create a laissez-faire environment to encourage a bottom-up approach to governance.

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