NPP’s 1V1D a threat to the survival of NDC-NPP MP

The Regional Minister for North East and the Member of Parliament for Bumprugu, Hon. Solomon Namlin Boar has asked the Minority to stay away from politicising the issue of the one-village-one-dam and look at the impact for residents.

Reacting to claims by the MP for Garu, Albert Akuka Alazuuga, that the dams constructed by the NPP are now traps, he said the MP erred in making such claims.

He admonished his colleague MP to stay away from politics and look at the benefits the dams will bring the residents in the various communities where they are located.

”There are instances where we must give regard and respect to anything that is good for our people. If you go to the area today, you will see that there is water for our animals. When we talk about farming, it is not just about crops. Animal farming is also part of farming. So, the 1D1F is working.”

He said, the Minority can choose to call the dams dugouts, but the most important thing is that there is water for the animals to drink during the dry season.

He was of the view that we would have seen more dugouts as referred to by the opposition if they had taken the initiative to construct some when they were in power.

The Regional Minister said: ”The Minority should clap their hands for Nana Addo. They claim they are a socialist part, but what legacy did they leave for this country? They are still struggling to come back to power. They should give us a break.

He was speaking Rainbow Radio’s parliamentary correspondent, Afia Kwarteng.

He expressed gratitude to Ghanaians for the trust they had in Nana Addo in voting massively for him in 2016.

The MP said, ”so far it is clear that the president’s direction as far as the development of this country is concerned is something we must laud him and continue to support him, and stay away from this propaganda especially coming from the NDC because they are visionless.”

”Whatever Nana Addo is doing today is a threat to the survival of the NDC. Their propaganda is not good for this country because when you look at the pro-poor policies of Nana Addo, it is a clear manifestation that we can marshall the needed resources in this country to push the nation forward. The free SHS is on track. It is changing the lives of the poor. It is a monumental policy touching the lives of everybody.”

To him, 2020 will determine whether Nana Addo is on course or not.

He described Nana Addo as a selfless leader who has transformed the lives of Ghanaians, especially those from his constituency and region as a whole.

According to him, the number of calls he previously received for support has reduced drastically since the free SHS policy was introduced.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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