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Spinal disorder is a silent killer; Go for regular check-ups-CEO Spinal Clinic Featured

Written by  Sep 04, 2017
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spinal Clinic a sponsor of Rainbow Radio’s upcoming blood donation exercise, Dr. Bryan Cox, has said spinal disorder can affect anybody irrespective of your age. According to him, ‘’from womb to tomb’’ i.e from infancy to old age can experience spinal disorder. In an explanation he said, people from infancy to over 100 years can get chiropractic care. Dr. Cox said, a lot of children fall in pain for a little while and fall out their pain. However, a lot of people don’t realize that their pain receptors don’t really start to work at an ‘’optimal level until they hit twenty something’’. He said, ‘’so that is when they start to feel the pain for a longer period of time. But then, as you get to 29 you start to experience more stuff. Then when you hit your mid-thirties then you start to experience more things...Then when you get to 48 you going to experience more things,’’ he said. There are a number of children that are getting chiropractic care because they are having headaches, dizziness; but some of those things could be changed through our diets because there is something called excito toxins; excito toxins deal with things that are artificially putting into our foods that can affect us, because it can cause dizziness, heart palpitations, and so many different things. Some of the ways one can avoid spinal disorder is by sitting and standing properly. Exercising, eating healthier, reducing the amount of weight we have sometimes, and standing with a good posture. All these different things can help strengthen the spine.’’ He stressed, ‘’when I say exercise there are four things we must do; cardiovascular, strengthening, flexibility and balance. These four things along with the chiropractic care helps our spine to function properly. He emphasized the need for the public to visit the ‘’spinal clinic regularly to get their spine checked because a lot of times we don’t realize how our spine could affect us negatively.'' He said spinal disorder could cause misalignment or other serious health problems hence the need to get your spine checked regularly. He said, ‘’Your posture is the position of your muscles, ligaments, spinal bones, and the condition they are in. Your spine is the most important factor affecting your posture. In order to have the best possible posture and health, your spine has to be in the best possible condition.’’ Spinal Clinic Limited is one of Africa’s leading providers of Chiropractic Care. Established in 2006 as a chiropractic facility by Dr. Bryan Leon Cox, Spinal Clinic Limited has curved out a unique niche for itself as the foremost provider of the best chiropractic experience in Ghana. The clinic specializes in the identification of spinal misalignment as a means of safe guarding the wellbeing of our clients. The mission of the clinic “is to positively impact the world by providing the ultimate chiropractic experience’’. The vision  is to be the number one chiropractic facility not just in Africa but the entire world’’. Their services include chiropractic, massage therapy, and corporate chiropractic care, rehabilitation, spinal health education seminars-SHES and Lifestyle Coaching.  You can reach the spinal clinic on www.thespinalclinic.com or cell number 0246199503 or 0303410354
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