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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 23 June 2018
The head of Network for Free Society, Professor Brian Baugus has challenged African journalists to be bold in exposing corruption and telling stories that will expose bad leadership in the content. According to him, due to illegal systems and corruption in Africa, Africans are not seeing the progress and development they need to see. Professor Baugus was delivering a lecture via Skype at the African Journalists for Economic Opportunity Training (AJEOT)-two-day training for some selected journalists from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Switzerland at Koforidua. ‘’Africa have rich resources including gold and so why has it not developed like the other countries? This is because we have an illegal system and corruption,’’ as the major challenges. The laws in Africa he added have been designed to help the political elite and deprive citizens of their rights and opportunities. The Professor underscored the need for Africans to have an entrepreneurship mentality so we will have individuals creating their own businesses; low taxes so businesses and private sector will expand and low corruption. He also lamented over the decision by African leaders to invest in Europe and put their investments in Swiss accounts for their own selfish interest. ‘’We have a number of leaders who are investing in Europe, United States of America or Canada for their own selfish interest. They put the money in Swiss accounts for their own selfish interest. That is the story that needs to be told over and over again…because it is a complete violation of trust, and abuse of public office. He also touched on the list of the top richest African leaders indicating that, the first 8 names are individuals who have successfully managed businesses in the transport, telecommunication and other sectors of the economy whereas the other remaining lists have names of African leaders and their children following, a situation he stressed have to change. A prosperous system he suggested should be the one that is devoid of bribery, corruption and but a proper working legal systems. When we have that in place, countries prosper. He emphasized the need for African journalists to tell stories that will help Africa develop so we will have a system that will ensure economic liberty and free market economy. The two-day intensive residential training is being organized by the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) in partnership with Network for Free Society and ATLAS Network. ILAPI Ghana is a research and advocacy think tank that focuses on economic freedom, individual liberty, education, policy analysis and rule of law. Its mission is ‘’To ethically and morally help shape public policies through the values of entrepreneurship, free market economics, research, education, accountability, rule of law, poverty alleviation and individual liberty.’’
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The Minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament for Asawase , Muntaka Mabarak, is hoping the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, will be suspended for a year. He is also calling for the MP to be stripped off all privileges as a legislator due to his uncouth behaviour. Muntaka Mubarak dragged his colleague MP on the Majority side before the Privileges Committee for reportedly describing the House as useless body. Kennedy Agyapong is expected to appear before the House on Tuesday June 26, 2018. But even before he appears before the committee, the maverick politician [Kennedy Agyapong] has threatened to give Muntaka Mubarak a showdown. He has also threatened to reveal to the public what he [Mubarak] told him [Agyapong] to tell Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful before her vetting. Reacting to the threat, Muntaka Mubarak dared the MP to bring it on because he [Muntaka] is ready to face him squarely. According to him, Kennedy Agyapong is a poor person if the only thing he thinks about is money. ‘’Nobody eats from his home, nobody is afraid of him. I think that what he has done is contempt of parliament.’’ ‘’I dare him, if he thinks he is a man, he should met me on the corridors of parliament and misbehave, the whole world will hear of us,’’ he threatened. The Asawase MP who was angry said, Kennedy Agyapong was not brought up properly and due to his behaviour, he does not talk or discuss anything with him. ‘’I am not afraid of him and I don’t think anybody is afraid of him. He is not a friend and he is not the type I Will chat with,’’ he said. He added; ‘’this is about time somebody knocks sense into his head. He thinks that this country belongs to him? This country does not belong to you…’’ ‘’I strongly believe that parliament should suspend this gentleman for the rest of the year; He doesn’t deserve to be in the House. Insulting everybody…we need to take that privilege from him so that people can deal with him.’’ ‘’He doesn’t regard anybody; he is throwing threats at anybody. He cannot threaten me I am daring him. He should bring it on and the whole world will hear of us.’’
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