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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 16 January 2018
One of the persons who have expressed interest in contesting the presidential slot within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, has lambasted US President, Donald Trump for describing Africa as a shithole.   He joins President Nana Akufo-Addo, former President John Dramani Mahama and other individuals to condemn the ‘’undiplomatic’’ comments from the US leader. The US president was condemned by the United Nations and the African Union (AU) after it was reported that he had referred to Haiti, El Salvador and nations in Africa as “shithole countries” during a White House meeting last week.   Dr. Spio-Garbrah in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, the comment by Donald Trump was totally misguided and unfortunate.   The diplomat said what the people of Ghana and particular US citizens should remember is that, the US was developed by Africans. He said Ghana is the only country in the whole world with 30 European built slave fort and castles, a reminder of the contribution that people in Ghana, made to what is America today.   ‘’It was slaves…who went and built America’s agriculture that allowed America to sell cotton, sugar, sugar cane, tobacco and other raw materials to Europe which was the industrialized world at the time.’’   America he said was a new country and because it needed to plant their fields and did not have the population that was strong enough to do it, they captured Ghanaians as slaves to do it.   Dr. Spio-Garbrah charged Mr. Trump to recollect his history and appreciate the role Africans played in developing the country he is presiding over as president today.     ‘’So if Trump has studied anything about American history, the last people he will call an S word, are the people who built America for him to become a multi-millionaire and become president of the United States. So he needs some lessons in history. When Trump begins to appreciate his own history, I am sure he will have a different message the next time he gets the chance to talk about Africa,’’ he concluded.
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Acting General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has posited that, it will be  extremely surprising for anyone (party members) to challenge President Nana Akufo-Addo in the party’s presidential primaries in 2020.   According to John Boadu, it will be strange for anyone to contest the president due to his impressive performance just in a year after taking over from Mr. Mahama.   John Boadu said the president has not expressed interest in running in 2020, but it will be strange for anyone to express interest in running for the slot.   He however clarified that, the party’s constitution stipulates that, ‘’whenever we are in government, we should organize our presidential primaries not later than 12 months before the general elections and we have about 48 months away,’’ he told Accra based Joy FM.   He said the president hasn’t indicated he will stand again and ‘’when we get there…we will open nomination as we normally do for prospective aspirants who have the intention of standing on our ticket, to put in their application. If by God’s grace he is the only person who puts in an application, or he intends to contest again, why not?’’    ‘’If any other person also put in application- which would be strange considering the performance he has put up only in one year; the kind of things he has done in one year, by that time; even other opponents of the party  may not put in an application to contest him. How much more internally?’’
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The Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) says the only recognized world title holder is International Boxing Organization (IBO) Lightweight champion Emmanuel Tagoe. This was information was conveyed in a statement by the second vice president of GBA,  Abraham Kotey Neequaye  on Tuesday.   He said the body currently recognizes Emmanuel Tagoe as Ghana's only world title holder after he defeated South African Mzonke Fana to clinch the IBO world title on February 12, 2016, in Accra.   "Gameboy is the only champion we have. Now Dogbe is going to fight the guy for the title, so until they fight or the guy says I am not fighting again then Dogbe has the title, we can't say Dogbe is a world champion now but Emmanuel Tagoe is a world champion who has won the title already and is going to defend it,’’ he clarified following the victory chalked by Isaac Dogbe few weeks ago over  Mexican Cesar Juarez which earned him the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Interim Super Bantamweight title on January 7 at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra.
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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is expected to engage the media as he marks a year in office.   The media encounter which is strictly by invitation will afford the media an opportunity to grill the president in areas on the economy, agriculture, security, the fight against corruption among other key sectors of the economy.   This will be the second time the president will face the press for questions after a similar session was held in July, 2017, six months after he assumed the presidency.     The media encounter would be held at the Banquet Hall, State House.
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The Minority says it is disgusted and feels a sense of revulsion at the ‘’Nazi Gestapo fashion’’ style of ejection adopted by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), in ejecting the Deputy Commissioner, Georgina Opoku Amakwah from office.   The Minority described the move as lawless, untenable and completely unjustifiable considering ongoing investigation into the matter involving the misappropriation of the EC’S Endowment Fund.   The Deputy EC Chair in charge of Corporate Affairs was asked to stay at home for the next 14 days after a stand-off with officials from EOCO who stormed her office with armed police men in an attempt to eject her from her office.     Below is the full statement   PRESS STATEMENT BY THE MINORITY IN PARLIAMENT ON THE ILLEGAL   RAID BY THE ECONOMIC AND ORGANIZED CRIME OFFICE (E.O.C.O) ON   THE OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF THE ELECTORAL   COMMISSION, MRS. GEORGINA OPOKU AMANKWA   The National Democratic Congress (NDC) minority in Parliament has learnt with profound sadness and dismay, the illegal raid and invasion of the office and privacy of the Deputy Commissioner of the Electoral Commission (E.C) in charge of Finance and Administration, Mrs. Georgina Opoku Amankwa.   On the afternoon of yesterday January 15, 2018, the Chief Executive of the EOCO backed by dozens of police personnel armed to the teeth and with armoured personnel carriers, descended on Madam Georgina’s office with the clear intent to forcibly evict her from her office.   In a typical Nazi Gestapo fashion, the EOCO Chief Executive Officer in the company of the armed police reportedly charged into her office, took over her seat and other available space in her office and ordered her to leave immediately. This brazen act of lawlessness went on for several hours in the face of stiff resistance mounted by the E.C Deputy Commissioner until some other senior members of the EC intervened to rescue the besieged Deputy Commissioner.   The NDC minority in Parliament is disgusted and feels a sense of revulsion at the perpetration of this act of crass lawlessness on the person and office of the Deputy Commissioner of the E.C.   We find it untenable, indeed, completely unjustifiable, that under the guise of conducting investigations into matters such as an endowment fund for EC workers, a massive force such as assembled, could be used against an innocent law abiding official of a body insulated against Executive interference or control. This is especially the case, given the fact that, this is a matter that EOCO has been probing for about seven months, a period during which the Deputy Commissioner had been prevailed upon to proceed on leave. This is not to mention the serious doubts raised regarding the jurisdiction of EOCO in dealing with this matter.   It is also instructive to note that the issue EOCO is purporting to act on is also the same subject matter of a pending suit before the Supreme Court in the matter referred to the Chief Justice from the President of the Republic.   It therefore appears to us in the minority from these and other factors that EOCO’s actions are nothing more than a desperate attempt to hound the Deputy Commissioner out of office.   We find it intriguing that first, EOCO, which indicates that it has submitted a report of its findings to the Attorney General cannot wait for advice from that superior body but would be in an indecent haste to evict Madam Georgina from her office.   Again, why would EOCO continue and even seek to conclude per its abortive eviction exercise, a matter properly before the Supreme Court now? Why the indecent haste?   This calculated removal of E.C Commissioners is obviously designed to facilitate the appointment by President Akufo-Addo of New Patriotic Party (NPP) members or sympathizers to fill such positions and thus anchor the NPP to interfere with and control the E.C. This has been a long standing dream the NPP has yearned for.   We in the Minority lay the blame on this brazen act of lawlessness and institutional confusion that has arisen between the EOCO and the Supreme Court, squarely at the doors of the Presidency and accordingly puts the onus on President Nana Akufo-Addo to clear the mess and take steps to forestall a future recurrence.   Ghana is touted not only as a haven of peace, order and stability on the African Continent but also as a beacon of democracy, the rule of law and of the respect for the fundamental human rights and freedoms of the people.   We therefore have a collective duty to respect these rights of individuals, especially so, when such individuals occupy very important or strategic institutions of state which the framers of our constitution in their wisdom, found it prudent to guarantee their independence by among others insulating them from the interference or control of the Executive or any other body.   The Minority wishes to serve notice to the Nana Akuffo Addo Government that it would not stand idly by for the government, either through its surrogates or through dubious legal measures, to hound legitimately qualified and appointed officials of state and especially those of the Electoral Commission who are independent, out of office.   We call on all Ghanaians as well as friends who share in our democratic aspirations, to roundly condemn these actions of the EOCO, bring it and others engaged in similar lawless acts to order and work together to ensure the total and not selective enforcement of the rights and fundamental freedoms of everyone.   After over 25 years of the functioning of the Fourth Republican Constitutional dispensation, acts   such as this must not only be frowned upon but must also be jettisoned with speed and alacrity and perpetrators named, shamed and dealt with to guarantee the growth and progress of our democratic order.   Signed   Hon. Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini   Minority Ranking Member, Communications Committee
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Governance watcher, Kwaku Nimo, says although Donald Trump had no right to describe Africa as a shithole, we should blame our leaders for failing citizens due to their incompetence.   The Ghanaian who is based in Germany, minced no words in stating, we have caused our own problem and the way the foreigners see Africa should be laid at the door step of African leaders.     ‘’We shouldn’t forget that, Donald Trump, doesn’t live in Ghana but he has got a representative that is why we have the American Ambassador to Ghana. So whatever he sees here, he reports back to his master,'' he told Kwame Tutu in the studios of Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.   He wondered why our water bodies including the previously beautiful lagoon which used to be a beautiful river with fishes, would be turned into a dumping site.   He said, if the white man sees this and calls you a shithole, why do you complain? He made reference to the poor nature of our road structure at the major health facility, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, and lamented over the difficulties ambulances may have in transporting emergency cases to and from the facility.   Kwaku Nimo said, Ghana is sinking due to poor leadership, we have gold and other mineral resources and yet we are unable to develop.   He called for leaders who he described as nationalists to manage the affairs of state because what we have witnessed over the years, is nothing but partisan form of leadership.   According to him, he has not seen the change the NPP promised Ghanaians. In his view, any government that will privatize any state institution is not youth centered or does not have the interest in creating jobs for the unemployed youth.   ‘’Privatizing things for the country is a crime and denies the people jobs to do. People who have bought state property should face judgment’’, he said.    
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Ranking Member on the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee in Parliament, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini has said the Special Prosecutor is not independent in form.   However, the Special Prosecutor he explained will be independent in structure, functions or operations and independent financially.   He further explained, the Special Prosecutor cannot be independent in form because Article 88 (3), gives all prosecutorial powers to the Attorney-General (A-G) and so you cannot prosecute without approval from the A-G.   The MP for Tamale Central, in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, the Special Prosecutor’s Act allows the A-G to nominate a person for the office and presents to the president to approve and present it before Parliament for vetting.   Anyone to occupy the office he said should be fearlessly independent because the nominee should be ''equally important'' like the office he or she may occupy.     President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, appointed former A-G under the NDC, Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor.   The appointment has been described as unconstitutional because Article 88 mandates the A-G to prosecute all cases.   Others have also held varying views on the matter. When asked if Parliament failed in giving us a good law, he said it was passed within the limitation available.. He emphasized the need for us to amend Article 88 to make the office independent in form and substance.   He alluded to the fact that, Parliament did not pass a perfect law with regards to the Special Prosecutor’s Bill but we are just hoping that it will work.      
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Mr. Brice Osei Kuffour, President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) says he doesn't have any regrets since he took over the mantle to manage affairs at the union.   In an interview with rainbowradioonline.com at a press soiree organized by MUSIGA to outline its agenda for 2018, Obour as he is affectively referred to said, what he could have done better is to concentrate more on doing the work than telling the story.   He said, ‘’If I was to do this again, and with this kind of experience, I will pay more attention; I will have a very stronger communication team to make people know the things we’ve done.’’   Mr. Kuffour touted his achievements stressing, ‘’there is so much we’ve done. I mean from the comprehensive study we did, the MUSIGA Academy, raising money and sharing it to our regional offices, training our regional executives, doing Ghana Music Week-where we take Ghanaian musicians abroad to perform…all these are achievements but people don’t know. He said people misjudge him due to misinformation and that has affected the perception people have about the union.   The MUSIGA president said he will within the period left for him to finish his term, work effectively by making his communication team stronger to make Ghanaians appreciate the good works of MUSIGA.
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The president of the Ghana National Cargo Transport Association, Alhaji Mohammed Tanko, has appealed to government to expedite action on the construction of roads leading to various parts of the country to help them transport foodstuffs and other goods to urban centres easily.   He revealed this in an interview following the failure of the Government over the years to provide a lasting solution to some of their concerns. “As an Association we don't understand why commercial vehicles that are supposed to pick only passengers will  flout the laws of the land and pick goods in addition while the police look unconcerned but would harass cargo drivers from our point of departure to  our point of destination" he lamented.   Alhaji Tanko further said that their members often charged for various offences such as overloading above the weight of their vehicles. “He indicated that while they move from one farm area to another to transport goods to the roadside they are unable to ascertain the weight of these product due to the kind of cars they are using but the police charge them for overloading among others while they refuse to arrest commercial vehicles that are overloaded with passengers and goods." ‘’When you register a cargo vehicle, you are registered to carry only goods and three passengers which we always comply while passenger vehicles are for passengers only and so why won't the commercial passenger vehicles comply.''   He therefore appealed to the government and the Ghana Police service to ensure such discriminatory practices are avoided. He also advised government to construct more dual carriage ways to all parts of the country as it is one of the surest ways of preventing and reducing accident on the highways. The Ghana National Cargo Transport Association was established in 2003. It currently operates in seven regions of the country with over 5000 registered members.    By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah
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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Mitsughana, Sammy Adjei, has underscored the need for business owners in the building industry to provide quality service for clients. In an interview with rainbowradioonline.com, the CEO said, the building industry must endeavor to provide great customer service because it is mandatory in the industry. He said, great customer service is exceeding the client's expectations in all areas of contact between them and the service provider. He said, as a company, their core value is to serve as a platform for both buyers and sellers with a common interest in the construction and building industry. Mitsughana is an online marketing service provider that is solely dedicated to the construction industry and its related activities from the commencement to completion; which includes real estate, plants and equipment, materials, financial dependencies, construction professionals, and construction handy-men. The sole aim of the company is to provide a platform where buyers and sellers can easily and effectively relate, there by building a community of first hand and class support in which both can conduct quality business. The company according him is governed and managed by a team of trained professionals and dedicated group from specialized backgrounds, whose objective is to ensure absolute satisfaction in the usage of the site.  
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