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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 04 November 2017
Celebrated broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah affectionately called KKD, has come under verbal attacks for supporting his son, Darkwah Kyei Darkwah for coming out as gay. The renowned broadcaster, through his Facebook page said, although our culture frowns on gayism, he cannot disown his son for coming out as gay.   However, his declaration drew wild condemnations from the public. But entertainment critic, Sally Frimpong has wondered why people have failed to look at it from the angle of a father standing by his son. Speaking on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, she said, what is he [KKD] going to do after his son came out as gay? Some kill themselves because of such things but KKD has shown him love. He does not support the act but that is the son and so what should he do? ‘’The son came out to say he is gay and the father has said he knew it and from where he comes from, this is not acceptable. However, he cannot deny his son for being gay,’’ she added. Sally Frimpong said although the bible frowns on same sex, such individuals cannot be attacked or killed for being gay. ‘’The bible frowns on gayism and every true Christian should speak against it but if my neighbour’s son is gay, I cannot beat and pull a gun at that individual. We should co-exist because he is not your friend.’’ According to her, we should not be attacking KKD for standing behind his only son all because he came out as gay.   She said, we should separate KKD as an entity from the coming out of his as gay.
Published in Entertainment
Private legal practitioner, lawyer Maurice Ampaw, has described son of Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), Darkwah Kyei Darkwah, as a threat to the youth following his coming out as a gay. The lawyer has therefore advised the self confessed gay and international model, to stay abroad and never attempt to come back home due to his coming out. ‘’He should stay abroad with his gay life and should not come to Ghana because if he comes to Ghana, he is now a sacrilege to the country. He will be monitored by the police and should he engage in any form of sexual relations, with anybody, he will be arrested because his action is a criminal offence. He cannot also marry here in Ghana. Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the controversial lawyer said ‘’we cannot allow the young man to come and negatively influence our children in this country. He is a threat to them and cannot come and spread gayism in Ghana. We will see him as a security threat and someone who is not a morally upright person. He is anti-human and we do not need him in Ghana because of his sexuality. We cannot entertain him in this country.’’ The lawyer’s harsh comments follows a recent interview KKD’s son granted a magazine blog about being gay in Africa and the challenges that comes with it. After the story broke, the father who is affectively called KKD penned down a response on his Facebook wall to explain why he supports his son for coming out. He has been widely condemned by a section of Ghanaians both on the traditional and social media. Lawyer Ampaw commenting on the father’s position, dared him to go and bring his son to Ghana. Our culture, tradition and religious beliefs do not support same sex relationship, he said. He added the laws of Ghana frowns on it and anyone who engages in such an act, is a criminal and must be arrested.    
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The African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), an Energy Think Tank, has launched the Open Tax Platform as part of a national tax campaign programme.  The objective of this platform is to help strengthen the tax collection effort of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to identify and address the inherent gaps that allow tax evasion and avoidance schemes to occur.     It is also designed to promote active citizenship by providing opportunity for citizens to share experiences on practices that deprive the state of tax revenue.   Ben Boakye, the head of ACEP in an interview with the media said, a lot of people are not compliant with their tax obligations and they are also aided to evade tax. According to him, ''ACEP wants the public to come along and identify those evaders, so people can easily share information tax evasion and how it happens. So that can inform GRA on their tax mobilization efforts and to address tax evasion. Because we need to contribute to revenue mobilization to be able to demand accountability from government,’’ he added.   Mr. Boakye said if we [Ghanaians] are demanding the roads, schools, hospitals, and the revenues are not coming, they won’t happen. So this is the first step. Let us raise the revenue  and then we can demand accountability for the revenues raised.'' He said, Ghana lost about GHc860 million in 2016  from petroleum downstream alone due to tax evasion. Citizens he noted are aware of the shortfalls and as part of the campaign, Ghanaians have the option to provide free information on tax evasion or seek reward upon successful claim of evaded sums by the GRA. Individuals can visit www.opentaaxghana.com to provide the GRA with the needed information on tax evasion.   The Platform will subsequently provide information to citizens on how government revenues are utilized. Let us all contribute to raising revenue and strengthen our demand for accountability.    This is a partnership between the Africa Centre for Energy Policy and GRA, with support from DFID.
Published in General News
Former President John Dramani Mahama has revealed that her daughter Farida Mahama was happy he lost the December 2016 general elections.  According to Mr. Mahama, the nine-year old daughter was happy because she was seeing her father more often when he was president of the republic.   Mr. Mahama said during his tenure as president, he would leave home when her daughter had left for school and return when she was asleep hence the two did not have time in seeing each other often.   This revelation was made when the former leader delivered a lecture during a graduation ceremony at the Institute of Security Studies in Abuja Nigeria.  “I remember the day after I had handed over – this was the 8th of January – I woke up in the morning and remembered there was no Office to go to.” “So, I relaxed in my bed and turned on the TV, watching CNN.I spent the whole day watching TV at the time Donald Trump was the President-elect, and they were going through the transition, waiting to hand over; so, I just kept watching what was going on,” he added.   The former president said whilst he was cooling off, his 9-year-old daughter who he barely spent time with as President, enquired why he was still at home and had not gone to work. “My daughter, Farida, who had gone to school in the morning, arrived in the afternoon. She found me lying in bed which was unusual, because when I was President we could go a whole week without seeing each other.”   “She leaves the house early in the morning to be able to get to school on time, by which time I probably had not gotten out of bed. She gets back home late afternoon and I am in the Office and I get back in the night when she is asleep. So, we could go the whole week without seeing each other. For the first time, she came back from school and there I was lying on my bed and watching television.”
Published in General News
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