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President Mahama’s legacy will be incompetence-Mutarla Mohammed

Written by  Nov 25, 2015
General Secretary for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Mutarla Mohammed has pooh-poohed the so-called legacy President Mahama promised Ghanaians. President Mahama over the weekend after his declaration as flagbearer said he will live Ghanaians a lasting legacy as President of the Republic of Ghana. However, the chief scribe of the awake family has mocked the statement made by President Mahama saying Ghanaians will only remember the president for his gross incompetence and lack of leadership. In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, he indicated that, the challenges that the populace are facing is a result of mismanagement, corruption and failure on the part of the NDC government to make good use of resources available to transform this country. In his view the president will be dreaming if he tell Ghanaians that he has performed well. He quizzed, where is the transformation that He [President Mahama] is talking? Citing examples of the cedi depreciation, corruption, rise in inflation, the fall in commodity pricing, he said the president and incompetent has failed woefully. He could not understand why the Mahama led administration has performed poorly under an oil economy. Asked whether the major infrastructure projects undertaken the NDC is not good enough to pass as a legacy, he said it will be shameful for the NDC to pride itself with infrastructure projects which according him every government does. Mutarla Mohammed opined that the lasting legacy which President Mahama will be remembered for, is the popular dumsor crisis. ‘’Let me not forget the final legacy…the dumsor…dumsor…dumsor…Look, every sector of this  economy is backed by the energy sector. We need power even in education.’’ According to him, the crisis has crippled businesses in the country and so for him, the legacy Ghanaians will always remember about Mahama is the ‘’dumsor, dumsor legacy.      
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