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Tax expert cast doubt on the competence of finance minister

Written by  Oct 08, 2015
An anti-corruption crusader and tax expert, Mr. Gilbert Kudjo Akpabli has casted doubt on the competence of the minister, Mr. Seth Tekper in managing the economy of this country. He indicated that the finance minister was not appointed to travel outside the country to hold meetings with IMF other international bodies rather he was appointed to concentrate on how he would he would generate domestic revenue to beef up the economy of the country. He opined that ‘’people who are competent to do the work are not put at the right places to do the work, that is what we do in this country’’ When asked whether the finance minister was incompetent, he said ‘’the minister of finance is not interested in domestic revenue, he is interested in travelling and around the world’’ looking for money. He described Ghanaians as ‘’lazy’’ when it comes to revenue mobilization. Mr. Akpabli revealed that the country is losing an amount of $30 billion dollars as against the $15 billion released by the special task force set up by the president. He felt disappointed and ashamed over the 1 billion Eurobond that Ghana went for because he insisted that it was needless. ‘’Am saying that, we don’t need to go and borrow a pesewa’’ Mr. Akpabli said. He revealed that since the Special Operations Unit (SOU) was set up by the president, they have not done any work although they are been paid. Speaking with the Kwame Tutu host of frontline on rainbow radio, he said ‘’ let me give you a shocking revelation, I don’t know whether the president is aware, since they appointed SOU there hasn’t been any cooperation. You go and find out, you are journalist, go to SOU and find out whether there is any cooperation for them even to work’’. Mr. Akpabli indicated that the finance minister has not shown any interest in the matter after a number of petition he presented to the ministry. He said that there is too much wastage and corruption in the system especially at our ports but authorities have failed to show interest in the matter. The anti-corruption campaigner said that Ghanaians are only interested in mediocre and not serious matters of financial malfeasance. ‘’Am saying that we interested in video, films, movies that is what we are interested in, if I were to show a video there would come, like the Anas video’’. He said although the Anas video maybe important, would the total amount of money allegedly giving to the judges’ amount to the billion dollar Eurobond we went for, he quizzed. ‘’Let me ask this entire country, Anas…the alleged corruption, what is the total amount, let’s think about the immoral aspect of it, you are taking money to set an armed robber free, that is a very serious thing. But let’s put together the amount of money that was giving, so called giving out to these judges, is it up to $ 1 billion dollars?... That is what we are interested in, we are interested in mediocre in this country, we don’t like talking’’ he added.  
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