How I was scammed of GHc7,000 in attempt to make quick money-Man confesses

‘’I had gone to a priest to seek help after a lady I had spent a lot of money on ditched me, but, the priest asked me to rather forget the lady, and seek for money. He then did some rituals and commanded money in foreign currencies including dollars. From that point, I became interested in what he did,’’ these were the confessions of a commercial driver who was scammed by a priest.

The young man [name withheld] called into the morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm to recount his ordeal when he pursued the path of money rituals.

According to him, he was asked by the ritualist to walk in town half-naked, gather leftover foods from dumping sites and markets for three days so he could use these things to command wealth for him.

As desperate as he was, he took the challenge and gathered the leftover foods, and after the third day, he met the priest in a cemetery at dawn to hand over the leftover foods to him.

In his narration, he said the priest, after taking the items, commanded a spirit that appeared in the form of a burning fire like how God appeared to Moses in the bible.

‘’The spirit then told me I needed a special oil to complete the rituals for my wealth. However, that special oil could only be gotten from underwater. The spirit said the oil was not sold anywhere but except the marine world.’’

I paid GHc6,000 for the special oil as instructed by the spirit that appeared to me, he disclosed.

”I took the money to the priest who dropped it a public toilet. I saw him drop the money. Later, he gave me water to clean my hands and my face. He later gave me a moneybox that was padlocked. He instructed me to sprinkle the oil he gave me on the moneybox at dawn and start using the money in it, the next day. But surprisingly, I woke up at dawn to sprinkle the oil on the moneybox but there was no oil in the bottle.

I called the priest, but he did not pick. So, I waited till morning, to open the moneybox but after opening the box, I was shocked at what saw. I saw a huge snake in the box, without the money. With courage, I took the box back to the priest and explained to him the ordeal I had gone through. He explained to me witches in my family drunk the oil from the bottle because they did not want me to be wealthy.’’

The man said the priest then commander money again and instructed him to open an account so, he [priest] will transfer the money into it at a cost of GHc1, 000.

According to him, he became shocked because whenever he goes to the priest and asks for money and he goes to friends to ask for loans, the speed at which they give him the money was surprising.

He disclosed to host Kwabena Agyapong he opened the account with GHc50, but after three months, there was no money transferred except for the ghc50 he used to open the account.

He said when he complained to the priest, he demanded money. That was the point he saw that was a scam.

This, he lamented affected him financially to the point that his business nearly collapsed.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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