‘Ghana has not met the global standards to sell highlife music’-Ben Brako

Ghanaian Highlife legend Ben Brako says the international world is embracing his highlife music.
He told Fiifi Pratt in an interview on Highlife Paradise on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that although the world was ready to embrace highlife music, Ghana has not shown any readiness towards that.
Ben Brako has topped Global Music Charts with his new single, “Shame and Scandal” which featured rapper, Asem.

The song has been making waves on the international scenes since its release recently.

It has been consistent on the charts as it climbed steadily to No.5 and now No. 1 on Global Music Charts compiled by North Manchester FM, hosted by Sam Brown.

Commenting on it, he said the world wants highlife music but Ghana has not realised the need to embrace this opportunity.

‘’I think the world is waiting for highlife but as to whether highlife is ready for the world is another problem,’’ he said.
He said ‘’we have a problem. The mediocrity is far too much. We have to work with international standards so that we are recognized.’’
In his view, both the government and the private sector have failed to invest in the arts to meet the standards accepted globally.
He challenged Ghana to learn from the example of Nigeria so we could benefit immensely from our creative industry.
Ben Brako said we need conscious efforts by both government and private sector in reshaping the industry in terms of our culture and heritage.
He believes Ghanaians must be proud of their culture and creative persons including highlife musicians could help in that regard.
He said there was nothing exciting happening in Ghana today because the big stars of today, ”are borrowing from highlife”.
He warned Ghanaians to preserve highlife music or risk losing it, other individuals.
He said, just like we import everything into Ghana, we might soon import highlife music.
‘’We have to be smart and embrace ourselves and know that we have a heritage. Highlife music can bounce back, bigger and better,’’ he suggested.
He stressed on the need for excellence, creativity and originality rather than the copying of creative works from others.
When asked about his opinion about the recent highlife music, he said: 
‘’Some of the younger ones are doing highlife but they tend to follow a formula that is not creative and one-way. It is the same everywhere but we have people with the creative skill to make these songs original.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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