CHRAJ must probe sex for grades saga at UG-Lawyer

Private legal practitioner, Ohenewaa Afful has called on the Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to probe the alleged sex for grades scandal that has hit the University of Ghana.

Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the lawyer said the issue is not only limited to the University hence the need to address it holistically.

She is also of the view that the university must set up an independent body to investigate the matter.

Lawyer Afful said the incident is a disgrace to the nation and the school as a whole.

The Sexual Harassment Committee of the University of Ghana says there is not enough evidence in the BBC video to back the sex for grades claims against two lecturers of the university.

According to the chair of the committee Dr. Margaret Amoakohene, even though the university frowns on the conduct of the two lecturers captured in the investigative piece, the evidence does not point to the allegation.

“Per the analysis on the video, there’s no direct correlation between lecturers conduct and the allegations made by the video. The evidence does not point to sex for the grade. When we talk of sex for the grade, we didn’t see much involvement of the lecturers of the University of Ghana,” she noted.

She added: “Our VC wrote to the BBC for their evidence, they declined and asked that we wrote to their legal department and we will do that today. Whether the BBC agrees or not, what we saw in the video constitutes gross misconduct and so the two of them are subject of investigations and then we can establish their level of culpability”.

But reacting to this, the lawyer said the committee cannot investigate the matter based on the position taken by the sexual harassment committee.

She called for a national dialogue on the sex for grades saga because it was across all our institutions.

”It is a national and it has gotten out of hand. CHRAJ is mandated by law to investigate this matter, or they are waiting for someone to complain before they investigate? I see this as a national crisis, and so if the two lecturers have been used as a yardstick to measure all the issues, that is fine. It is happening everywhere; all the Universities and Professional Schools. What are we doing as a country? We need to develop a national policy to stop these things. If professors are the ones doing these things then what about headmasters at the secondary and basic levels?”

”We need to address this as a national issue. You don’t demand sex before helping someone. If sex becomes a condition, for helping people, then we are doomed.

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