Tension brewing at CMB Cargo station over fence wall

The leadership of the CMB Cargo Station are flying in anger over the construction of a fence wall by a private developer on the access road to the station.

The leadership at the stations the private developer bought a 3-acre land from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to develop but has overstepped his boundaries and constructed a fence wall on their land, a situation they say has made it difficult for the vehicles to move in and out of the station.

The CMB is close to the COCOBOD headquarters located in Accra central.

The space in question is a 3-acre land being occupied by drivers and traders.

Chairman of the CMB lorry station, Mohammed Rabiu, said the incident was reported to the police, yet the developer has failed to break the wall.

The developer, whose name was only given as Asiamah is reported to have told the leadership of the station that his government was in power, and will continue to do what pleases him.

‘’We will not rest until he breaks down the wall. Where he has constructed the wall is an access road. When we have an emergency, or there is a fire outbreak, where would the fire tenders pass?’’

On his part, the Development Chief of the area, Nii Amu I bemoaned the harassment of their leadership by the police at the in the instruction of the developer.

Construction site of the developer

He maintained the access road that serves them have been blocked due to the fence wall the developer has constructed.

‘’Some people in this country think about their selfish interest without thinking about the welfare of others. He claims to be part of the government and so he is doing what he pleases. The situation if not checked would escalate and lead to serious confrontations,’’ he noted.

The Welfare Officer Humphrey Ayeh-Smith was worried the developer has taken the law into his own hands and allegedly terrorizing the drivers at the site.

‘’If we also decide to block the other access to his stalls, what would be the outcome? This is the only access road to Graphic Road, Accra Brewery and other adjoining routes. The developer is not above the law. As a leadership, we will not allow him to do what he wants,’’ he added.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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